Middle East and Islamic Studies Minor Requirements


A minor in Middle East and Islamic Studies requires a total of 21 credit hours.  Students must select at least nine credit hours from the designated core courses and the additional credit hours from the designated electives.  Up to six credit hours of Directed Individual Study and other appropriate special topics courses or seminars as offered, with the approval of the MES coordinators, may be included as electives.  In addition, students must select courses from at least three different disciplines.  Students must have a least a "C+" (2.33) average in courses counted for the minor.  Students may select any of the courses listed below for the core requirement (9 credit hours)in Middle East and Islamic Studies.


GGY 225—Historical Geography of the Middle East (3)


HST 101—Western Civilization (3)


HST 103—Introduction to Global History 1500-1848 (3)

  HST 104—Introduction to Global History Since 1848 (3)

PAR 230—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (3)


PAR 246—Islam (3)


PLS 220—Introduction to International Relations (3)

Students may select as elective courses (12 credit hours) any courses listed below, up to two Directed Independent Studies approved by the program coordinators, and other appropriate special topics course or seminar as offered, with the approval of the MES coordinators.
  HST 305—The Ancient Near East (3)
  HST 364—Mughal India (3)
  HST 365—India and Pakistan after 1947 (3)
  HST 366—History of Southeast Asia (3)
  HST 374—History of West Africa (3)
  HST 375—History of Central and Eastern Africa (3)
  HST 381—History of Early Islamic Societies (3)
  HST 383—Women and Gender in the Modern Middle East (3)
  HST 386—History of the Ottoman Empire (3)
  HST 387—History of the Middle East in the 18th and 19th Centuries (3)
  HST 388—History of the Middle East from WWI (3)
  HST 389—History of Palestine and Israel  (3)
  HST 483—Topics in Middle Eastern History (3)
  PAR 225—Women and Religion (3)
  PAR 235—Introduction to the Old Testament (3)
  PAR 245—Judaism (3)
  PLS 331—Politics in Developing Nations (3)

PLS 338—Political Systems of the Middle East (3)


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