TAC Student Workers Receive Training at "Boot Camp"

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

student views laptop

Prior to the beginning of this fall semester, seven newly hired Technology Assistance Center (TAC) student workers attended a five-day “TAC Boot Camp,” lasting seven hours per day. This Boot Camp is standard for new TAC student employees, and it typically occurs the week before the fall and spring semesters. The TAC’s basic approach is to hire and train student workers in groups, instead of one at a time, which is part of the key to the training’s success.

Led by TAC supervisor Dali Hiltebeitel, TAC student team leads and ITS subject matter experts, Boot Camp covers a wide range of subjects to get new student workers prepared for the numerous calls and requests they will receive working at the fast-paced TAC. Not only are they educated on the various systems and services provided by Information Technology Systems, but they are also trained on etiquette and customer service so that they can best serve the campus community.

Based on feedback from the campus, the system is working extremely well. A UNCW student notes, per the ITS feedback survey tool (, “[The TAC worker] was an amazing help… he knew exactly what the issue was from the beginning, thus reducing my anxiety… He was very professional and courteous as well. I cannot thank him enough!” 

A faculty member also notes, via the same feedback survey tool, “I think that TAC is WONDERFUL. Your staff is always helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. You are so patient with those (me!) who aren’t particularly au fait with computers. Thank you for this!”

According to TAC student workers, the Boot Camp experience is definitely beneficial. Caroline Collins, one of the new TAC student workers, notes, “The experience I received at Boot Camp training does not compare to any other training I've ever done before. I've learned so many things beyond technical skills and was able to grow close to my co-workers and supervisors. The support my coworkers and supervisors offered was truly amazing and I'm so glad to be able to be part of such a great experience. I finally felt like I belonged somewhere on campus." 

Another new student worker, O'Malley Gabardine, agrees:  “To me, Boot Camp was an awesome experience. The information that I found most useful during the experience was getting to know each department and the types of issues they handle…. Boot Camp made it a really easy transition into this group and I'm thankful for the opportunity.”

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