New and Noteworthy

New Online Photo Submission Application Increases Efficiency at UNCW

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Incoming students now have the ability to upload their own photo to their OneCard via the UNCW OneCard Online Photo Submission application. Thanks to collaboration between Auxiliary Services, the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology Systems, incoming students utilizing this application will no longer need to stand in long lines to get photos taken during Orientation, and they will likely be more satisfied overall with their OneCard ID since they get to choose their own photo.

This user-friendly application was developed and refined by computer science student Phillip Walker, who was mentored by Kris Anderson, ITS developer, and Dr. Karl Ricanek, associate professor of computer science.

The application streamlines the OneCard process for students and staff. Prior to Orientation, a new student logs into mySeaport and clicks on the online application. They are instructed to upload and preview their photo (specific guidelines are listed on the site). The photo is validated through a backend process, and the card is printed. When the student arrives on campus for Orientation, they simply pick up their OneCard. It's quick, easy and hassle-free, and it is a time-saver for both students and staff.