UNCW Sign-In System Gains Popularity and Improves Processes at UNCW

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

card swipe on computer

With its comprehensive, user-friendly features, the UNCW Sign-In System continues to gain popularity as it streamlines and improves processes at UNCW. As of February 2012, daily usage, on average, was over 150 log-ins per day (more than double the amount of logins since the system was first implemented).

Built in-house by ITS developer Jonathan Graves, the system boasts numerous features including the ability to track attendance, gather statistics, utilize a dashboard feature, print name tags, receive desktop notification when an individual arrives and much more. The Sign-In System also is able to integrate with mobile devices, such as the iPad, as evidenced this past fall during student move-in (more details below).

Examples of Sign-In System Usage:

System during Student Move-In

When students arrived on campus this past fall for move-in, Information Technology Systems (ITS) was onsite and ready to help them get connected. As in past years, ITS staff navigated the residence halls assisting with students' technology questions and helping them get their computers connected to the campus network. But this year was different, as the ITS staff members were equipped with iPads which were logged in to the new UNCW Sign-In System.

With this system, every student requiring help simply entered their email username and password on the ITS consultant's iPad, and the issue or question was immediately tracked and reported to the Technology Assistance Center (TAC). While many of the issues and requests were resolved onsite by ITS staff, if the issue was something that needed further assistance, the TAC was able to view the information in real time and follow up with the student.

Not only did the system allow more students to receive help faster, but it allowed ITS to keep track of all the issues and all the students who were assisted. According to Jarrett Piner, ITS staff member who has assisted during move-in for the past eight years, "Use of this system streamlined the process and increased the amount of work we were able to accomplish in a short amount of time. For the first time, we could track every student we helped in the field."

Career Center

Since the beginning of the fall 2011 semester, the Career Center has been using the Sign-In System to track students who visit the center and attend Career Center events. They also utilize the printer feature at events to print student name badges, which include name, class and major of study. The Sign-In System's reporting feature allows the Career Center to pull names and addresses of students who attended events and send them follow-up surveys and communications.

According to Thom Rakes, UNCW Career Center Director & Assistant to VCSA for Technology, "The sign-in system has been very useful for the Career Center and for the students who use our services and programs. They can scan their ID card as they come for appointments or drop-in services. They also can scan their ID card when attending a career event, and they automatically get a personalized nametag. Participation reports then can be generated, providing accountability data for the campus. The sign-in system provides an efficient and non-obtrusive way to support our work with students."

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