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Why Should You Check Out SkillPort CBT?

Faculty, staff and students have FREE access to SkillPort CBT via mySeaport. Several good reasons you should check out CBT include: Free online books! Free online courses! Free instructional videos! Unlimited learning opportunities! SkillPort CBT is easy to navigate and gives you numerous options for finding the information you need. More

New & Noteworthy

Quarterly Apple Bulk Order for University Computers and Accessories – Deadline September 4

Each quarter UNC General Administration (UNC-GA) coordinates an Apple bulk quote for campuses that wish to order Macs (iPads, etc.) and other Apple software and accessories. In the past, this process has given each campus a discount of 6% - 10% beyond normal education pricing. Those interested in taking advantage of this opportunity for university purchases need to submit their information no later than September 4, 2014. More

Increase in Distance Education Support and Services at UNCW

This past year, ITS increased its Distance Education (DE) support by nearly 10%, with a total of over 8,000 hours of academic, administrative and ad hoc (“by request”) programming in the DE classrooms. Two new state of the art DE classrooms opened in Cameron School of Business and the CHHS Building during the 2013-14 academic year.More

UPDATE: Improved Online Learning Experience Coming Soon

SkillPort CBT and Books 24x7 will be upgraded in August. Exact date of upgrade coming soon! Exciting new features will include a more streamlined view and a user-friendly interface. The site will be mobile ready and will offer community building features like comments, recommendations & interests.More

Security Corner

Social Networking Security Tips

As the popularity of social networking sites continues to grow, so do the security risks associated with them. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have become main targets for hackers. Because of the threat posed by cyber criminals, taking it upon yourself to secure your social networking accounts is of the utmost importance. Be sure to use strong passwords and keep your antivirus software up to date. More



Chelsea Deaner

Chelsea Deaner

The talented and versatile Chelsea Deaner, who will soon be heading into her senior year, has accomplished a great deal at UNCW so far. For starters, she has worked at the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) for nearly two years and currently serves as a TAC Team Lead, an honor for a TAC student worker. As a team lead, Chelsea works in a “student manager” capacity and is closely involved in hiring new students and training them, while also providing technology support to the campus community. More

Skillport Online Book of the Month

Change Your Day, Not Your Life, by Andy Core

This book offers a proven strategy to help you become energized at work. It can help you turn wasted hours into tasks accomplished, achieve work-life balance, fuel employee communication and keep everyone working at their best.More