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University Innovation Council
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Alderman 111
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IdeaScale?

  • IdeaScale is a platform allowing the Faculty, Staff, and Students a single place where they can share, vote and discuss feedback on innovative ideas. Click on the “Submit New Idea” link and login with your UNCW username and password to get started.

How does it work?

  • Users submit their ideas. Others vote and/or comment on those ideas. The best ideas, the ones with the most votes or comments, bubble up to the top. 

Why should I submit my ideas?

  • IdeaScale is the best way to get exposure to your idea. Not only will members of the Innovation Council see and discuss ideas, but the Chancellor’s office and your peers will as well. This provides an excellent opportunity to gauge others interest in a topic or search for other like-minded ideas and topics as well.

What are Campaigns?

  • A campaign is the category that the submitted idea falls under and the type of idea within that category. There are three main categories: Educational Problems/Challenges, Examples of Innovation, and Other Innovations. Within each of those categories there are different topic areas to choose from which highlight the type of idea being submitted. If your idea does not fit under one of the topic areas, please submit under General Purpose Ideas.

Where can I find the statistics of the ideas submitted?

  • There are two ways to view these statistics. On the left hand side of the screen there is a “Usage Statistics” field which highlights the overall statistics: # of ideas posted; # of comments; # of votes; and, # of users. Underneath that is a link to “View the Leaderboard.” This link displays the list by user and identifies the ideas submitted, comments and votes by user.

Can I search for ideas?

  • Yes, you can type key words in the search box at the top of the site and it will bring up all ideas with that particular search word or phrase.

Can I set up notifications to receive emails when new ideas are submitted or my idea has been responded to?

  • Yes. On the upper right hand corner of the page under your name there is a “notifications” link where you can set your specific notifications. You can choose to not receive notification, receive new ideas daily, weekly, or in real time.

Are there other ways to submit my ideas?

  • Yes. You can send an email to or submit your idea through campus mail by sending to University Innovation Council, Alderman 111.


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