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University Innovation Council
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IdeaScale Process

Both the UIC and a technical subcommittee were responsible for processing the IdeaScale submissions. Input was categorized and processed in the following ways:

  • Ideas considered good suggestions or practices were forwarded to the appropriate Division for further review and possible implementation. Many of these have resulted in significant improvements in processes and operations of the university.
  • Innovative ideas that needed additional information or analysis were referred to the technical subcommittee or were the subject of presentations to the UIC.
  • When similar themes were identified in multiple submissions, the technical subcommittee was asked to integrate those innovative ideas into a cohesive proposal and business plan.

This approach identified the willingness of the campus community to participate broadly in reconsidering our institutional operations, and essentially “primed the pump” for the UIC to move to its next phase, in which we will engage the campus in this creative reimagining in a more focused way, initially around the topic of: Reconceiving the university calendar to better utilize the 12 months of the calendar year, taking advantage of our coastal location.


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