This course is no longer being offered in Summer II 2012. Use description for general information only.

Course Description

GLS 592: The Urge to Confess

Instructor: Lavonne Adams

Why do we feel the need to confess, and how is confession culturally bound? This course will examination confessional literature, both poetry and memoir, and will consider how both the manner in which we confess, and what we confess is both societal and historical.

Our survey will open with the poet Robert Lowell’s Life Studies, as well as selected poems by Ann Sexton, then delve into more contemporary practitioners of the art including

  • Sharon Olds (One Secret Thing),
  • Kim Addonizio (Tell Me),
  • and Frannie Lindsay (Lamb).

We will consider prose by

  • Jeannette Walls (The Glass Castle),
  • Carlos Eire (Waiting for Snow in Havana),
  • and Donna Johnson (Holy Ghost Girl).

In addition, instructor will provide an array of tantalizing poems, shocking excerpts, and insightful essays via Blackboard. Students are responsible for

  • commenting on literary works and critical essays (20%),
  • for oral presentations (20%),
  • and for completing two critical/ analytical essays (30% each).

Last Update: June 11, 2012

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