Geography Internship Program

The Internship program provides undergraduate UNCW students the opportunity to gain experience working with government, private, and non-profit organizations throughout the Wilmington area. Since it's inception in 1996, the program has steadily grown where we now have over thirty internship sites. Students in the geography BA program as well as Environmental Studies students participate and many internships have led to permanent employrment after graduation.

The Geography Internship course is designed to give students practical experience as professional geographers. Students who meet the following requirements may enroll in the course. See either Dr. Hines or Dr, Halls if you'd like to participate in the program.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in enrolling in the Internship Program you must meet with either Dr. Hines or Dr. Halls well in advance of the semester you would like to enroll in the course!

Enrollment criteria:

  1. Student must have junior or senior standing.
  2. Student must have the prerequisites of GGY 270 (Planning) and/or GGY 220 (Cartography) and/or GGY 328 (GIS).
  3. Student must have an overall 2.5 GPA.
  4. Student must secure his or her own employment in a position with an approved agency.

Course requirements:

  1. Employment must be secured for a period of at least three months for at least ten hours per week. Work can be on a paid or volunteer basis. If paid, the student will negotiate the salary with the employer.
  2. The employer must agree in writing to hire the student for the specified time and to participate in monitoring of the student’s progress.
  3. The student must meet with the professor and, if feasible, with the other interns once a month at a time to be agreed upon to participate in discussions about their work.
  4. The student will be visited at work over the course of the semester by the professor, who will monitor their progress on the job.
  5. The student will write a professional report at the end of the semester, chronicling their job and the agency that they worked for.

Grades will be based on job performance as described by the student’s immediate supervisor, weekly reports and participation with other interns and the final professional report.

Click here to read the College of Arts and Sciences Internship Policy

A list of approved participating agencies is available to qualified students from

Dr. Elizabeth Hines or Dr. Halls

Department of Geography and Geology

125 DeLoach Hall, 962-7614,

Past Internship Testimonials- Student accounts of their internship experiences

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