Sharky's Game Room

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Upcoming Sharky's Events:

Seahawks Speak: Little Bee
Monday, October 17
4 p.m.

Seahawks Speak provides a venue to dialogue about events and issues impacting our local, national, and global community. The community is invited to share their stories, be empowered and take action. This Seahawk Speaks will connect to the themes our first year common reading Little Bee. This discussion will be co-facilitated by Erika Hanson and Clifton Williams. 

Sponsored by Seahawks Speak and University College

Sharky’s Book Club: Little Bee
Wednesday, October 26
4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Join faculty and staff facilitators, including librarian Lisa Coats, English faculty Michelle Britt, WSRC Director Katherine Montwieler and others, for a discussion of the characters and themes of Little Bee. This discussion is the second installment of the Sharky’s Gameroom book talk series.

Sponsored by Campus Life Arts and Programs and the WSRC

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