Sharky's Game Room

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Sharky's Gameroom Set-Up


Sharky's Game Room is available for a variety of special events including open mics, parties, retreats, receptions, group meetings, acoustic music, etc.  Sharky's is a dynamic space that can be moved around to acccomodate a variety of event needs and interest.

Depending on your event needs, you have the option to include use of all games and equipment, including two pool tables and ping pong. Enjoy Xbox One and Xbox One S our four stations in our large-screen electronic gaming lounge, while selecting from our library of video games. The maximum capacity for a Sharky's event is 75 people.

A standard reservation in Sharky's Game Room is considered open to the public. If you wish to make your event private, meaning that only your guests may enter Sharky's to use the gaming equipment during your event, an additional per hour charge will be added to the bill. Sharky's is unavailable for parties when there is an event in Lumina Theater, as we must accommodate movie and concession sales.

Please reserve Sharky's at least 3 business days before your event, in order to ensure adequate staffing. The reservation delegate for a student organization, campus office or department may make a reservation on the Campus Reservation System.

Off-campus businesses and community organizations may email to inquire about reservations. Please indicate your date and time preferences.

No outside food or beverages are allowed to be brought into Sharky's for your reservation. All food service must be provided by the UNCW Catering or Sharky's. When you reserve a space, make sure that you indicate whether or not you will be serving food or beverages. As soon as you have a confirmed space reservation, contact Campus Catering at 910-962-3600 or to make your food service arrangements.


Sharky's new stage can be reserved separately from the Game Room.  Tech equipment and staffing will apply, based upon your event needs.  Performance platform rental does not include free game play and all gaming stations will remain open to guests if you do not pay for a private event. 


Your use of the stage is included, though your needs will determine the price of sound equipment and tech staffing.

Group 1: UNCW Registered Student Organizations and University Departments: FREE. Add $15 per hour for a private event.

With Billiards (Pool and Ping Pong) $12/hour

For Video Games - $10/hour

For both $20/hour 

Group 2: UNCW Registered Student Organizations and University Departments charging an admissions or registration fee. A non-university group sponsored by a university organization/department in which the university is the sole contact and responsible party: $40 per hour. Add $15 per hour for a private event.

With Billiards (Pool and Ping Pong) $15/hour

For Video Games - $12/hour

For both $25/hour 

Group 3: Off Campus Groups: $60 per hour. Add $25 per hour for a private event.

With Billiards (Pool and Ping Pong) $18/hour

For Video Games - $15/hour

For both $30/hour 

If you wish to include popcorn in your Sharky's room rental, we provide popcorn servings in 25 bag increments. Sharky's staff will make and serve the popcorn at our counter.

Sharky's Game Room Event Popcorn Served for 25: $25 (Each unit order is 25 bags of popcorn. Maximum is 6 orders: 150 bags for $150) Available for events taking place in Sharky's Box Office & Game Room. The Sharky's associate on duty will make and serve popcorn in regular bags to 25 people.


Departments and student organizations: Rent the Sharky's popcorn machine for your event in the Fisher Student Center, Fisher University Union, Warwick Center, Burney Center or Amphitheater!

Sharky's Mobile Popcorn Machine Rental: $32 for events up to 2 hours. $8 per additional hour. Customer's reservation must also include an order for 1 to 6 units of Sharky's Popcorn 25 Regular Bags, which will include popcorn, oil and bags. Sharky's Mobile Popcorn Machine must be picked up at Sharky's Box Office & Game Room during normal Sharky's hours, unless customer selects the optional Sharky's Mobile Popcorn Machine Staff. Upon pick up, the Sharky's staff will explain procedures for machine use.

Sharky's Un-popped Popcorn for 25: $25 (Each unit order provides un-popped popcorn, oil and bags for 25 regular servings of popcorn. Maximum is 6 orders to serve 150 regular bags of popcorn.) Event must take place in a Campus Life facility. Sharky's Mobile Popcorn Machine must also be reserved. Sharky's Un-popped Popcorn for 25 and Sharky's Mobile Popcorn Machine must be picked up by the customer at Sharky's during normal Game Room operating hours, unless specific arrangements are made with the Sharky's management. If customer wants the Sharky's Mobile Popcorn Machine and Sharky's Un-popped Popcorn for 25 to be delivered to the facility specified by the Campus Life reservation, customer must order Sharky's Mobile Popcorn Machine Staff.

Sharky's Mobile Popcorn Machine Staff (optional): $15 per hour with a 2.5 hour staffing minimum for an event of 2 hours or less. For events longer than 2 hours, add $15 per additional hour. A Sharky's associate will deliver the mobile popcorn machine to the Campus Life venue specified in the reservation, cook the popcorn and serve it to your guests.

For more information on Sharky's events or popcorn orders, please contact