Flash Fiction 2014 - The Power of Ideas Book Party with Reading and Reception

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flash Fiction 2014 - The Exhibit, on display in the Sherman Hayes Gallery through the end of the semester, highlights the winning stories from this year's contest as well as all of the illustrations that will be included in an anthology designed and published by the UNCW Publishing Laboratory.

The stories on display:

First place - Christine Hennessey's Makeshift Ships
Second place - Rachel Richardson's The Good Life
Third place - Bethany Tap's Puppy Love

The artwork on display:

Current students in Mr. Ned Irvine's ART260:  Dn Cherry, Caleb Driscoll, Jessica Hansen, Diana Keith, Kate McNamara, Troy Maynard, Briana Meyer, Ashley Mitchell, Sarah Newsome, Elizabeth Oglesby, Ryan Qualliotine, Sarah Roberson, James Ueki, Paolo Usero, Will Weinel, Shane Wisniewski.

Please check out the exhibit and come back to celebrate at 6 pm on Wed. April 23, for the Flash Fiction Reading/Book Party/Reception.