What is ECOteal?

ECOteal, an environmentally friendly retail store, was launched by UNCW in an effort to offer students, faculty and staff a convenient, safe place to purchase transportation-related items, bicycle and skateboard repair services and sustainable products. ECOteal is the first of its kind in the UNC system. The intent is to provide services to the campus community, not to compete directly with area businesses.

store interiorEnhance Educational Experience

Additionally, ECOteal seeks to provide students with practical work experience in a retail environment under the supervision of full-time UNCW professional staff to enhance their educational experience.


Seahawk Sustainability

ECOteal will also reinforce UNCW’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices through support of “Seahawk Sustainability.”

Seahawk Sustainability is the concept of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Sustainability is not a new concept at UNCW. For years, UNCW has worked diligently to reduce energy and water consumption, with energy conservation as the primary focus. ECOteal will support the sustainable practices on campus life through education of the campus community, offering sustainable, recycled and/or environmentally friendly products, and providing transportation alternatives.

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