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 NOTE: Effective summer 2006, Dreiser Studies has been continued by Studies in American NaturalismBack issues remain available.

Index to Dreiser Studies

Dreiser Studies began publication in 1970 as The Dreiser Newsletter.  Three cumulative indices have appeared, the first for volumes 1-17 of The Dreiser Newsletter and volumes 18-25 of Dreiser Studies in Spring 1996 (vol. 26.1).  Updates have appeared in the Spring 2000 (vol. 31.1) and Winter 2004 (vol. 35.2) issues.  All three are here republished in their entirety, with minor corrections.

Index to Volumes 1-25 (1970-1994)

Index to Volumes 26-30 (1995-1999)

Index to Volumes 31-35 (2000-2004)