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Current Campus Training Providers

12 departments offer over 100 programs just for you

Access this 15 page catalog of courses offered by our campus training providers. While some programs are posted online on the D2LA Catalog, many are not.

Take a look and see what might be of interest to you as you chart your learning adventure this year. The following are our campus training providers we have identified as of January 2015.

  1. Cameron School of Business
  2. Diversity Training
  3. Environmental Health and Safety
  4. Facilities Administration
  5. Finance
  6. Health and Wellness
  7. Human Resources: LEAD, Harassment Training, EEOI, and New Employee Orientation
  8. Office of University Relations
  9. Randall Library: Live Workshops and Workshops on Demand
  10. SkillPort
  11. Technology Assistance Center
  12. University Police and RADD

Off-campus offerings include the NC Certified Public Manager Program. Click here to learn more!