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Welcome to Our Seahawk Community


One day a month from 8-9am (typically the 3rd or 4th Friday), approximately 20 new employees (0-3 years of service) gather to sip coffee and share stories about their history, new ideas, successes, and challenges. Stay for as long as you can and make new friends. Register for the next New Employee Teal Power Coffee Hour.


We believe in equipping employees for success. As a result, SHRA employees are evaluated every three months to ensure that they are being given all they need to be successful. Setting clear expectations, completing reviews, conducting meaningful talent conversations, and recognizing employees for their good work is a part of the performance process. Please contact us if you need coaching or consulting services surrounding any of these areas.


Learning and growing is a continuous process. As a result, we encourage participation in opportunities that support your current and future goals. Not only can you choose from over 80 Dare to Learn Academy programs offered annually, you can borrow one of our 400+books from the D2LA Library.

New employees are also given the opportunity to participate in a Talent Development Planning four part series where they build their talent development plan, complete a communication assessment, learn how to pitch new ideas, and assess their success at the end of the 12 month cycle. Contact us to learn more.

If you would like something more customized, schedule a retreats, participate in a summit, conference, or leadership programs offered by HR Learning and Talent Development.


Launching Fall 2016, the EPDR Coaching Program will provide individualized support for new employees with Talent Development Plans. Its purpose is not only to ensure that employees are feeling valued and purposeful in their work, but also investing in themselves professionally so that they reach their goals set in their Talent Development Plan.