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As a new or newer member of UNCW (0-3 years), we have many exciting things planned for you over the next 12 months.  We invite you to engage with others who are in similar stages of employment with varying roles and responsibilities across campus.  These EPDR-focused initiatives are designed with intention and inspiration from our new employees.

At UNCW, we believe “Every Person Drives Results.” As a result, we encourage you to invest in yourself and others so that we can more easily create a ripple effect and help to retain the best and brightest while also transforming the lives of our students, faculty, staff, and communities we serve.

Your Next Step: Share this flyer with your supervisor and encourage other new employees to join in.  Don’t forget to add your new employee EPDR initiatives to your Full Cycle Talent Development Plan.  Let’s all learn and grow together!

Help us to get the word out!  CLICK to print out this flyer and post on a community bulletin board.

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