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Journal of Effective Teaching, Vol. 10, No. 2, 2010  

Gao, J. & Hargis, J. (2010). Promoting Technology-assisted Active Learning in Computer Science Education. The Journal of Effective Teaching, 10(2), 81-93. [Full Text]


This paper describes specific active learning strategies for teaching computer science, in-tegrating both instructional technologies and non-technology-based strategies shown to be effective in the literature. The theoretical learning components addressed include an intentional method to help students build metacognitive abilities, as well as improve on their self-efficacy, both inside their chosen discipline and connections to other interdisci-plinary topics. The results indicate that students are very open and eager to embrace novel ways to become engaged in learning in the area of computer science.


Keywords: Active Learning, Flip Camcorder, Emerging Technologies, Metacognition, Self-Efficacy.