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Journal of Effective Teaching, Vol. 10, No. 2, 2010  

Iannarelli, B. A., Bardsley, M. E., & Foote, C. J. (2010). Here’s Your syllabus, See You Next Week: A Review of the First Day Practices of Outstanding Professors. The Journal of Effective Teaching, 10(2), 29-41. [Full Text]


Faculty teaching courses at the higher education level employ a wide variety of strategies on the first day of class. Little research has been conducted on the efficacy of these practices. This study examines the first-day practices of instructors of higher education classes who have been recognized as outstanding practitioners by their respective institutions. The information obtained is framed within the learning theories of social constructivism, feminist and liberatory pedagogy. The results of this inquiry suggest practices that may be recommended to all instructors at the college/university level and generate hypotheses regarding the efficacy of first class practices in higher education.


Keywords: First-day practices.