Presentation Tips

Consider Your Audience: You may assume that the majority of those individuals at your session are already interested and perhaps somewhat knowledgeable about your topic. Therefore, you should offer the appropriate amount of background information that neither talks down to your audience nor assumes they have been immersed in the same research and investigations you have. To achieve a smooth delivery, practice your presentation several times, including using presentation items and audio-visual materials so that you do not fidget with them unnecessarily during your presentation.

Make Written Materials Available: People like handouts. If the presentation lends itself to a schematic diagram, bibliography, or printed examples, use them. Bring copies with you to avoid the cost of mailing materials to participants after the conference. Collate handout pages in logical sequence and staple them together to help your audience follow your presentation.

As You Begin: Approach the speaking area with confidence. As you introduce your presentation, make your purpose(s) clear to the audience, let them know what you intend to achieve with them, and alert them to the number of points in your organizational structure so that they can follow along easily.

Delivery That Involves Your Audience:

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