Program Topics

CROSSROADS can create a custom program for any audience. When you request a program, we will work with you to tailor our presentations to your group and any relevant concerns.

Note to professors: Don’t cancel that class! CROSSROADS can tailor a presentation to fit the needs of your classroom and syllabus.

CROSSROADS can present to your group, facilitate programs using “clicker” technology, and provide activities for your event. We can also share information about the CROSSROADS Adolescent program for middle and high school-age students.

These activities can be the focus of your event or program or set up at a table during a social event:

Some of the programs that we present most often to groups and organizations include:

CROSSROADS also uses Turning Point technology to present interactive programs using an audience response system (or “clickers”). These programs can be combined and/or tailored for the needs of your group.

The CROSSROADS High School Drug Prevention Program provides high schools with a highly interactive, evidence-based approach to preventing and delaying drug use among adolescents. Using our interactive peer educator-led CROSSROADS curriculum and out-of-class activities, students are guided through a fun and educational process of discovery focused on skills and key mediating variables that have been proven to prevent or delay substance abuse. Among the topics addressed in CROSSROADS High School are:

If you would like to learn more about CROSSROADS Adolescent programs for middle and high school-age students, our unique two-step peer-education model, the mediators and topics we address or any aspect of our program, let us know! We’d love to talk with your class or organization. You can find more information at

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