E-Cycle: UNCW’s E-Waste Recycling Program

It’s hard to say goodbye, but when all your computer does is beep, your cell phone is cracked beyond repair and the only thing coming out of your stereo is smoke, what is your next step?  If you have to say goodbye to your electronics, send them to a better place.  UNCW’s E-Cycle program will take your used devices and gadgets. 

The E-Cycle program gathers all manner of electronics and electrical devices, packs them up, and sells them to our recycling partner Powerhouse Recycling.  Powerhouse Recycling is a R2/ ISO-14001:2004 certified recycler committed to protecting the environment. 

The items UNCW receives are recycled - saving natural resources, energy and keeping dangerous chemicals and metals out of the natural environment. The generated funds are used to support and grow the recycling programs.

Drop off is available 24 hours in front of the Recycle Depot at Lionfish & Plyler Drive.  Help your university and the environment by participating in UNCW’s e-cycling efforts.