Strategic Action Plan Feedback Opportunity

Since receiving our charge from Chancellor Miller in November 2012, the faculty, staff, student, and administrative members of the Strategic Action Planning Workgroup have been engaged in drafting the elements of our University’s Strategic Plan. 

The first of these was the mission statement which, after multiple rounds of campus review, feedback, and modification, was approved by the Board of Trustees in April 2013.  Two months later, we released for campus feedback other elements of the Plan, including drafts of the vision statement, core values, and goals and objectives.  We appreciated the numerous faculty, staff, and students who have responded to date; the comments received are guiding our revisions.  As our solicitation took place during the summer, we are reiterating the opportunity to ensure we have feedback from all who wish to participate.

Unlike our previous plan (Soaring to Greatness: Transforming Ideas into Action), this version is not meant to comprehensively address the full range of values and aspirations of the institution, but rather to focus on those priorities for the coming biennium that will aid the university in adapting to new challenges. It is also responsive to the UNC System’s Strategic Directions 2013-18 Plan (Our Time Our Future). 

It is important to note that the current draft is incomplete; once the objectives are finalized, each one will be associated with specific measures (so that each will be measurable) and also mapped to the Our Time Our Future plan.  The expectation is that the plan will be a living document, with objectives that are reviewed and updated periodically and explicitly guide funding decisions. 

Please email feedback to by Wednesday, September 18.

We thank you in advance for your feedback on this draft document available for viewing at