UNCW Board of Trustees Approves Tuition Increase for 2013-14 Academic Year

Friday, December 14, 2012

Wilmington, N.C. – The UNCW Board of Trustees today approved a $283 tuition increase in-state students for the 2013-14 academic year that is partially offset by a $138.60 overall reduction in fees.

Under the proposal, which must go to the UNC Board of Governors for approval, tuition and mandatory fees for in-state undergraduate students will increase by only 2.33 percent, or $144.40.

Although the fee proposal includes $101 in increases to support UNCW Athletics and technology upgrades, it reflects a $239.60 decrease in the funding the university uses to cover its debt service for funds borrowed to build and renovate the Student Recreation Center and the Fisher University Union.

"While nobody ever wants to raise tuition, we're confident that this moderate increase is in the best interest of our students and this institution,” Chancellor Gary L. Miller said. “It will allow us to maintain the superior standards we've set for UNCW, while maintaining our position as one of the state's most affordable UNC schools and offering our students the most robust educational experience available. We are incredibly grateful to our Board of Trustees for their sensitive, thoughtful consideration of this matter and their ultimate approval of my recommendation. In partnership with our board, our leadership team, our faculty, and our students, the process has been a cogent and productive one, and we're confident that together we've made a decision that will help UNCW soar even higher."

At a Glance: Proposed UNCW Tuition & Mandatory Fees for 2013-14

Student Category Current Academic Year 2013-14 Academic Year Amount of Difference
In-state Undergraduate $6,198.70 $6,343.10


Out-of-State Undergraduate $18,301.49 $18,479.81


In-state Graduate $6,335.43 $6,479.83 $144.40
Out-of-state Graduate $18,236.96 $18,415.28 $178.32


If the Board of Governors approves the proposed tuition increase, UNCW will remain an affordable and high-quality option for students and their families.

Media Contact: Andrea Weaver, Office of University Relations, 910-962-7631 or weavera@uncw.edu