Memo to Media from Police Chief Donaldson Regarding Christen Naujoks

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


TO: Wilmington Media

FROM: David M. Donaldson

Chief of Police

RE: Christen Naujoks

I want to personally extend my condolences to the Naujoks family and acknowledge the tireless work of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office in their response, investigation, and efforts to apprehend John Peck.

The following time line details direct involvement the UNCW Police Department had with Christen Naujoks prior to her death.

March 22, 2004

The UNCW Police Department received a phone call from Holly Naujoks, Christen Naujoks’ mother. Holly Naujoks expressed concerns she had regarding a domestic relationship involving Christen and John Peck. A detective spoke with Holly Naujoks and requested that Christen contact the UNCW Police Department personally to explain the circumstances of her concern(s). Christen visited the UNCW Police Department this same day and spoke with a police detective. The topics and context of this meeting are as follows:

o Christen was seeking advice and counsel regarding a domestic situation involving John Peck and was not sure if she wanted to take any formal action at this time.

o Christen explained that she had received harassing phone calls at her residence and John Peck had threatened to commit suicide. Since her residence was located beyond the jurisdiction of the UNCW Police Department, she was encouraged to contact the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department to file a report. She was also encouraged to save any messages she received and informed of the options of obtaining warrants and a protective order.

Press Conference

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June 8, 2004

(March 22nd continued)

o Christen explained that John Peck had confronted her verbally on the UNCW campus. The police detective advised her of options available through the UNCW Campus Judicial System. He also discussed the limitations of this system since the most serious offenses had occurred at her residence off of the UNCW campus. She was advised of safety measures. An internal memorandum was issued to UNCW Police Department. (See attachment).

o Christen expressed concern about any influence John Peck’s father might have. The police detective explained that his father had no influence on this situation.

o Christen expressed concern about the effect any formal action may have on his probation and consequently how John Peck might respond. The police detective encouraged her to discuss these specific concerns with John Peck’s probation officer.

March 31

• Christen called UNCW Police and reported a confrontation in a parking lot on the UNCW campus. (See Attachments) She was again advised of safety measures, and encouraged to seek a protective order.

April 24

• Christen obtained an emergency protective order and warrants. A copy of the protective order was provided to the UNCW Police Department.

April 26

• The protective order was made permanent. A copy of that order was provided to the UNCW Police Department.

Week of May 24

• Christen visited the UNCW Police Department and requested the UNCW Police detective she had spoken with on March 22 appear in court with her on June 9. The detective agreed and inquired if further contact, threats, or harassment had occurred. Christen said that since the protective order was served on John Peck she had experienced no further contact, phone calls or threats from John Peck.

• Detective described her appearance as much at ease and relaxed when compared with his observations on March 22.