Aquaculture Program

Larval Culture

Larviculture research aims to understand the environmental and nutritional requirements of the larvae through the juvenile stages under intensive culture. Optimal combinations of salinity, temperature, illumination (light intensity and photoperiod), turbulence, prey type and density, tank configuration, and methods for live feeds enrichment and for weaning from live to prepared feeds are determined through controlled, experimental studies. More efficient technologies for producing planktonic organisms as live feeds for marine finfish larvae are also being developed.

southern flounder embryo
Southern flounder embryos.

southern flounder yolk sac larvae
Southern flounder embryos and yolk sac larvae.

southern flounder pre-metamorphosis
Southern flounder pre-metamorphic stage larvae.

southern flounder 8 dph
Southern flounder: 8 days post-hatching.

southern flounder 8 dph 02
Southern flounder: 8 days post-hatching.

southern flounder 32 days
Southern flounder: 32 days post-hatching.

southern flounder day 40
Southern flounder: 40 days post-hatching.