Aquaculture Program

Larviculture Laboratory

Controlled-environment indoor larviculture lab consists of six temperature-controlled incubators with adjustable light hoods. This system allows control of temperature, salinity, light intensity, photoperiod, water turbulence and other environmental variables for study of the experimental culture requirements of the early life history stages of marine finfish, from egg through juvenile stages. Current research focuses on essential fatty acid nutrition and development of larval microdiets.

black sea bass embryo
Black sea bass embryo.

black sea bass newly hatched larva
Black sea bass newly hatched larva.

larviculture lab
Adam and Chris in larviculture lab.

red porgy yolk sac larva
Black sea bass yolksac larva.

red porgy
Red porgy yolksac larva.

red porgy juvenile
Red porgy juvenile.

Monitoring mini-LRTs for larval feeding trial.
Monitoring mini-LRTs for larval feeding trial.