Aquaculture Program

Recirculating Growout Systems

Recirculating tank systems are utilized for studies on growout of various marine finfish species, since these systems conserve space and water and permit a high degree of environmental control.Two systems are currently in operation:

Intermediate-Scale Growout

Twelve 2.7-m3 tank system used for growth studies with hatchery-reared juvenile marine finfish, including dietary protein, lipid, and energy: protein requirements for optimal growth and feed utilization efficiency.

Near-Commerical Scale Growout

Four 16.7-m3 tank system, currently being used to study production and economics of southern flounder, black sea bass and red porgy. This near-commercial scale system incorporates state-of-the-art filtration technologies developed and tested by NCSU aquaculture engineer, Dr. Thomas Losordo. The system was built by UNCW Research Associate Patrick Carroll.

System Components:

  • 4.6-m diameter Insulated Fiberglass Tanks
  • Aqua Optima Double Drains and Sludge collectors
  • Jacuzzi Piranha 4.5 hp Pumps
  • P.R.A Rotofilter Drum Screen Filters
  • Aqualogic 4 hp Heat Pumps
  • Polystyrene Bead Trickling and Kaldness Moving Bed Biofilters
  • Fiberglass Oxygen Cones
  • RK2 Protein Fractionators
  • UV Sterilizers

intermediate scale RAS growout system
Intermediate scale RAS.

pilot scale RAS
Pilot scale RAS.

pilot system overhead view
Pilot scale RAS.

Patrick teaches Honors Biology class
Patrick provides tour for Honors Biology class.