Aquaculture Program

Feeds Preparation Lab

Feeds, including larval microdiets, and starter and grower diets for nutritional studies are formulated and prepared in-house from raw ingredients.

diet preparation
Diet preparation.

dr. alam preps pellets
Dr. Alam preps pellets.

dr. alam demonstrates diet preparation
Dr. Alam demonstrates diet preparation.

sieving microdiets
Sieving microdiets.

mixing diet ingredients
Mixing diet ingredients.

feed prep lab
Feed prep lab.

freeze-drying microdiets
Freeze-drying microdiets.

microdiets for larval finfish
Microdiets for larval finfish.

mixing diet ingredients
Mixing diet ingredients.

oven-dried diets
Oven-dried diets.

pelletizing feeds
Pelletizing feeds.

drying diets
Drying diets.