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Frequently Asked Questions About AiM

What’s in it for the customers?

The customer request will be entered much like now except in AiM instead of UBusiness. A tracking mechanism will inform the customer what is happening along the way. Customers will also be able to check the status of their request by viewing the actual work order.

What’s in it for the shops?

Eventually, craftspeople will be able to remotely monitor their as-signed work orders and check status of inventory by using portable devices.

What’s in it for other university departments?

Academic assignments can be made using auto-mated data at their fingertips to locate classroom space. Moving Ser-vices will use property and building data to assist them in orchestrating departmental moves. Institutional Research will be able to extract data that will require less conversion efforts because all common data will be coded and described and housed in one database.

What’s in the future?

Many Phase 2 plans are being made so that any duplication of effort across university departments can be identified and eventually streamlined. Stay tuned.




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