Non-Degree Seeking Admission - Overview

UNCW offers students the opportunity to enroll in classes for credit as non-degree seeking students. Depending on your situation and educational goals, one of the three options may be appropriate. If you feel none of these categories fit your circumstances, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Permission (Fall and Spring ONLY)

Students currently enrolled in another college or university, who intend to return to their home institution, may attend UNCW as permission (visiting) student in the fall or spring semester. A student may only attend as a permission student for two consecutive semesters (not including summer sessions).

Summer Visiting (Summer School ONLY)
Summer visiting students (those currently enrolled at another institution) may enroll in classes at UNCW for Summer School only.
To learn how to become a Summer Visiting student, please view the 2016 Summer Visiting Prezi presentation.

If you wish to continue your enrollment from Summer School into the fall or spring semesters, you will need to apply as a Permission student (see above).

Special Undergraduate

Students who have graduated from a four-year accredited college or university and wish to take undergraduate classes on-campus (or at one of our extension sites), but do not want to earn a second degree are classified as special undergraduates. This application option is also available for students who need to take classes toward completion of teacher certification or licensure requirements on-campus (or at an extension site).

Please note - If you would like to earn a second degree, you must apply as a transfer student.