2015-2016 Transfer to Teal Guides

Transfer to Teal Student Tour Guides

If you have an interest in being a Teal Guide during the 2016-2017 academic year, please complete the application today! All applications must be received by Sunday, August 28th.

Meet UNCW's Transfer to Teal 2015 - 2016 Teal Guides! Over the past year they showed prospective students everything UNCW has to offer Transfer Students. If you are interested in attending Transfer to Teal Friday tour today, be sure to check back for our 2016-2017 dates!

If you want to learn more about each of their stories and why they decided to Transfer to Teal we invite you to follow them as they blogged throughout the academic year and shared their college experiences while exploring Wilmington.

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Teal Guide Ali Teal Guide Ashton Teal Guide Ashton
Ali Ashton Becca
Teal Guide Brigiett Teal Guide Dillon Teal Guide Farzona
Brigiett Dillon Farzona
Teal Guide Jenn Teal Guide Julia Teal Guide Kaitlyn
Jenn Julia Kaitlyn
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Katie Kyle Lee
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Sarah G Sarah P Stephanie



Teal Guide Ali

Hi everyone! My name is Ali and I was born and raised in Lenoir, North Carolina, a small town near the mountains in the countryside. I transferred to UNCW fall 2015 after my first year from Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute.  My major is Recreation Therapy and after graduation I am hoping to earn my Masters in Occupational Therapy.  I plan on graduating in May of 2018.  I live on campus and plan on getting a job soon.  I am currently involved in the Teal Guides Program. I love UNCW and cannot wait to become even more involved with the university, making new friends every day, and challenging myself to achieve my goals.  UNCW will help me do exactly that!  I look forward to getting to know you, and welcoming you to “Seahawk Country!”     

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Teal Guide Ashton

Hey everyone!  My name is Ashton and I am a junior at UNCW!  I am a self-proclaimed military brat, so I’ve moved around a lot in my life but claim North Carolina as home.  I transferred in the Fall 2014 from Arizona State University.  I am a Business Management major and I plan on graduating in May of 2017.  I plan to either work in resort management or work for a university.  I have lived on campus for two years now and I love the convenience of it!  I am in Delta Zeta and serve as a Teal Bridge mentor to help out new transfer students when they are transitioning to life at “The Dub.”  I cannot wait to show you everything UNCW has to offer and I hope you find your home here!

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Teal Guide Becca

Hello everyone, my name is Becca!  I was a military child that selected Morehead City, NC to call home.  I transferred to UNCW, or as I like to call it "UNCWonderful," this year from Carteret Community College, where I earned my Associate in Arts.  I am a Communication Studies major with a minor in Psychology and I will be graduating in May of 2017.  I live off campus and walk to school every day.  I plan to become very involved on campus and am currently involved with the Communication Studies Society and the Transfer to Teal Tour Guide program.  I look forward to meeting each of you on a tour!

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Teal Guide Brigiett

Hello, my name is Brigiett! I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but I come from a military family, so I moved to Florida and now I live in a small town called Lillington, North Carolina. I transferred to UNCW in the fall of 2015 from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice, and intend on graduating in May 2018.

I live in an on-campus apartment with three other roommates. Considering there are many different organizations that UNCW has to offer, I have taken advantage of this great opportunity and became a part ofGo Passionately Serve (GPS), Centro Hispano, Ritmo Latino, Teal Bridge, and now the Transfer to Teal Tour program!  I am also a Zeta Tau Alpha alumni.  I have two jobs, one being a caterer here on campus and the other one being an on-campus rep for a t-shirt company.  I enjoy helping feed the homeless, working out, watching movies, going to bible studies, and spending time with my dogs and family.

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Teal Guide Dillon

Hey! My name is Dillon and I am from Raleigh, North Carolina. I transferred from Cape Fear Community College in the Fall 2015 semester, and hope to declare my major in Marketing in Spring 2016! I plan on graduating in May of 2018, and right now I am living off-campus close to the University. I am currently working on US Fitness Products’ delivery and installation team.

I love listening to music and spending time with family and friends. I am a big people person and love the hustle and bustle of everyday life as a college student. You can find me in the library or at Wag; if I’m not studying, I’m eating!

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Teal Guide Farzona

Hi, my name is Farzona! I moved to the United States eight years ago from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. My parents decided to settle in Chapel Hill and since then it has been my home.  I attended Durham Technical Community College for two semesters before transferring to UNCW. My major is Communication Studies because I love being around people and being involved in the community. I came to UNCW in the Fall 2015 as a sophomore transfer student.

At UNCW I have joined French club and I am also treasurer of the Russian Club.  I am also involved in International Club, the Diversity and Inclusion society of the Student Government Association and of course the Communication Studies Society.  I live on-campus and while I do not have a bike, I absolutely love walking to my classes.  We are so lucky to have such a beautiful campus as our home!  I am excited for my first year being a Teal Guide and to share my diversity and transfer experience with other prospective students!     

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Teal Guide Jenn

Hi, my name is Jenn and I am a sophomore here at UNCW!  I’m originally from Wilson, North Carolina.  I transferred from Appalachian State University up in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Fall of 2015.  I am a Public Health Studies major with a concentration in Global Health.  After graduation, I hope to earn a Masters degree in Nutrition with a specialty in pediatric nutrition.

I live off-campus with two roommates along with a cat and a hedgehog!  I recently became involved in the Transfer Student Organization, as well as the collegiate DECA chapter.  I love spending my free time kayaking on the Intracoastal Waterway, and occasionally sailing with friends in Oriental!  Go Seahawks!

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Teal Guide Julia

Hello, my name is Julia and I am from Avon, Connecticut.  I transferred to UNCW in the Fall of 2015 after completing my first year of college at the University of Rhode Island.  I am currently majoring in Secondary Education and English and I plan to graduate in May of 2018.  I live off-campus in a brand new apartment complex and I love it!  I don't have a car with me here in North Carolina, but I enjoy biking and longboarding around campus, and I am also a frequent shuttle bus user. I am currently a member of Greek Life, the Transfer Student Organization and the Teal Bridge program. I love volunteering and plan to be involved in many clubs through UNCW, like Habitat for Humanity and beach clean-ups that help to better our environment.  In the future I plan to have leadership roles in a few of my clubs and hope to get even more involved on campus.  I love anything that is outdoors, and enjoy reading and going to the beach!

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Teal Guide Kaitlyn

Hey ya’ll! My name is Kaitlyn and I am a junior here at UNCW! I am originally from the little town of Gibsonville, NC.  This is my second year at UNCW.  I transferred in the fall of 2014 after three years at a community college.  I am a Clinical Research major and I anticipate graduating in the spring of 2017.

I currently live off campus with three awesome roommates.  I work off-campus as well during the weeknights and weekends.  I also volunteer at a local Church and participate in beach sweeps through Plastic Ocean Project.  I am a member of the Student Association of Clinical Research, Sigma Alpha Lambda, and of course the Transfer to Teal Guides here at UNCW!  I can’t wait to welcome you as future Seahawks!!

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Teal Guide Katie

Hi, my name is Katie and I am from Long Island, New York.  I transferred to UNCW in Fall of 2014 after completing my associates degree from Suffolk County Community College.  I am a marine biology major planning to graduate in Spring 2017.

I live off campus with two friends and my boxer puppy.  I am a part of the Marine Mammal Stranding Network.  I have participated in the International Student Volunteers and spent four weeks of this past summer in New Zealand working with environmental sustainability and the yellow-eyed penguins.  I have fallen in love with Wilmington and am so happy with my decision to transfer here to UNCW!

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Teal Guide Kyle

Hi, my name is Kyle and I’m from Cody, Wyoming.  I am a senior here at UNCW majoring in Psychology.  I transferred to UNCW after thirteen years in the United States Marine Corps on active duty.  Though I still am in the Marine Corps Reserves I felt it was time to try something different with my life.  I have a huge passion for helping veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and currently I am the Vice President of the UNCW Veterans Education and Transition Support (V.E.T.S) organization, as well as a Transfer to Teal Guide.  I live in Jacksonville, North Carolina with my lovely wife Lacy and two daughters, Abigail and Rosalie, and I commute to campus every day.  I am truly enjoying my experience here at UNCW, and am ready to share with whoever will listen!

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Teal Guide Lee

Hello!  My name is Lee and I was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina but raised in the local old port town of Swansboro.  I am a motivated transfer student and transferred to this wonderful University in the fall of 2015 after attending Coastal Carolina Community College where I acquired my Associates Degree in Biology and Biology Education.  I am a double major, in Marine Biology with a Marine Conservation focus and Environmental Science with a focus on Biological Science.

I am currently living on campus.  I am devoted to my education and obtaining knowledge that will provide me with tools to become an active member of society while giving back to the natural wildlife all around us.  Through my attendance at UNCW I will continue to gain extensive knowledge of what resources are available, and how I can share those resources with others.  I devote my time to school, which I consider a full time job.  Currently I am involved in the Residence Hall Association as a newly inducted Building Representative for my Area Council.  I am also on the Marine Mammal Stranding Network. I am looking forward to meeting you! Go Seahawks!

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Teal Guide Lex

Howdy y’all!  My name is Lex and I am from Hopewell, New Jersey.  I transferred in Fall 2014 from a four-year college, The College of New Jersey.  I am a senior studying Exercise Science and I am graduating in May 2016.  I live off campus and ride my bike to class each day. I am a member of the club field hockey team, where I serve as Vice President.  I am also a Student Ambassador as well as a Teal Bridge Mentor.  I currently shadow Physician Assistants in the area for graduate school experience.  I enjoy working out, listening to music and going to the beach. I have three cats, yes three, one of which I found on campus!  I live each day to the fullest because life is too short and you will always catch me with a smile on my face!

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Teal Guide Mallory

Hey y’all! My name is Mallory and I am from New Bern, NC.  I transferred in Fall 2015 from Craven Community College.  I am a junior studying Social Work in the College of Health and Human Services.  I wish I could stay at UNCW forever but I will be graduating in May 2017.  I currently live off campus and have a super easy commute to campus every day!  I am involved with a global non-profit, JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), and am most involved with the branch here in Wilmington.  In addition to being a Transfer to Teal Guide, I am also involved with SSWO (Student Social Work Organization) and plan to be involved with ODK (Omicron Delta Kappa), a national leadership honor society here at UNCW, as well as a couple of other organizations.  I love going to the beach, doing crafts I find on Pinterest, being involved with my church, and spending time with my wonderful and extremely supportive family.  My main passion in life is loving all over my German Shepherd Husky, Hadlee Beatrice.  I am absolutely honored to call UNCW home and I am enjoying every single day here, whether through one of the many activities and events on campus or in my classes with my amazing professors.  I look forward to meeting you on a tour and showing you all my Seahawk Spirit.  I hope to see you soon and GO SEAHAWKS!

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Teal Guide Sam

Hi, I’m Sam!  I’m a transfer student from St. Peters, Missouri. I transferred to UNCW in the Fall of 2015 from a local community college in my hometown.  I am majoring in Art History with a minor in History, and I plan on graduating in the Spring of 2017.  Currently, I hold a front desk position in the Learning Center on campus.  I am also a part of the UNCW Plastic Ocean Project, which helps to promote plastic awareness and clean up local beaches.  I look forward to meeting with prospective transfer students on the tours and sharing my experiences!

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Sarah G

Teal Guide Sarah G

Hi everybody, my name is Sarah. I’m from Chapel Hill, NC. I transferred to UNCW in the Fall of 2014, from Appalachian State University, which is in the mountains of North Carolina.  I’m currently a junior but I’ll be graduating in May of 2018.  I live off campus and I walk to school everyday.  I am member of the Campus Conduct Board and I am treasurer of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society (an Honor Society specifically for transfer students!).  I am also a part of the University Honors program, and I have a job off campus.  I love UNCW and I can’t wait to show you why!  See you soon!

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Sarah P

Teal Guide Sarah P

Hi, my name is Sarah!  I am from sunny Southern California.  I transferred to UNCW in the fall of 2015 from Fullerton College, a 2 year community college.  My major is Nursing with a minor in Chemistry.  I am a junior and will graduate in the spring of 2017, and I hope to attend graduate school after.  I live on campus and it is amazing!  Currently I am involved in the Residence Hall Association, where I am VP of Community Service.  I am also on an intramural volleyball team for transfer students, a member of the Transfer Student Organization, and a Transfer to Teal Tour Guide!  I absolutely love being here in Wilmington, I love going to the beach and hanging out with the friends I have made here at UNCW.  I am a huge animal lover, I have two dogs and a cat back home that I miss terribly.  I look forward to meeting more transfer students and can’t wait to share my story of becoming a Seahawk!

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Teal Guide Stephanie

Hi there!  My name is Stephanie!  I’m from a small town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.  I transferred to UNCW in August 2012 after I earned my Associate in Arts degree for Pre-Major Special Education.  I majored in Special Education and graduated from UNCW in May 2015.  I am now a Special Undergraduate student at UNCW in the Birth - Kindergarten licensure program which I will complete in May 2016.

I lived on campus the first three years that I attended UNCW, and since graduation I am now living off campus.  During my time at UNCW I have been involved with the Transfer Student Organization, Tau Sigma National Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi, and the Student Council for Exceptional Children, Cru, and the American Sign Language Club.  I was a Teal Bridge Mentor for one year and also worked as a Desk Receptionist with Housing and Residence Life for two years.  Some of my interests and hobbies include music, books, movies, photography, going to the beach, spending time with friends and family, and just enjoying life.  I was a Teal Guide during the 2013 – 2014 school years and am so excited to be a Teal Guide again this year! 

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