High School Minimum Course Requirements (MCR)

The North Carolina Board of Governors mandates all students under the age of 24 must meet high school MCR requirements for undergraduate admissions.

  • Four (4) Course Units of English
    Emphasizing grammar, composition and literature.

  • Two (2) Course Units of the Same Foreign Language
    Two consecutive units of the same foreign language. American Sign Language (ASL) does fulfill the foreign language requirement in North Carolina.

  • Four (4) Course Units of Mathematics
    Including algebra I, geometry, algebra II, and a fourth mathematics course for which algebra II was the prerequisite (typically, this may include pre-calculus, advanced functions and modeling, discrete math, college algebra, an AP- or IB-level calculus or statistics course, etc.).

  • Two (2) Course Units of Social Studies
    Including at least one course unit of United States history.

  • Three (3) Course Units of Science
    Including at least one course unit of a physical or chemical science (chemistry, physics, physical science, etc.), and one course unit of a life or biological science (biology, oceanography, anatomy and physiology, etc.). At least one course unit must contain a laboratory portion.

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