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Women's and Gender Studies Minor

The Women's and Gender Studies Minor provides interdisciplinary perspectives on the study of women, gender, and sexuality. Students examine the status of women from a variety of historical, cultural, and theoretical perspectives; the construction of female identity; patterns and consequences of discrimination as experienced by women; the influence of social institutions on women; and the development of organized women's social movements.

What are the benefits of a WGS minor at UNCW?
  • Understand and effectively articulate the roles gender plays in different cultural contexts
  • Analyze women's participation in, contribution to, and transformation of areas of social life including culture, society, politics, economy, and religion
  • Develop strategies for reducing prejudice and stereotyping of women and minorities
  • Internship and scholarship opportunities
  • Iota Iota Iota: National College Honor Society
Minor Requirements

Students interested in declaring a Women's and Gender Studies minor must complete eighteen (18) semester hours. Students must complete WGS 210, six (6) hours of core courses, and nine (9) hours of elective courses. A 2.00 average is expected for all courses counted toward the minor. No more than 9 hours in any single discipline may be counted toward the minor.

Required Course (3 credit hours)
WGS 210: Introduction to Women's Studies (3)

Core Courses (6 credit hours)
ANT 303: Culture and Gender (3)
ENG 230: Women in Literature (3)
HST 204: Women in Modern America (3)
PAR 225: Women and Religion (3)
SOC 350: Gender and Society (3)
WGS 212: Sexuality and Gender (3)
WGS 230: Women in Film (3)

Electives (9 credit hours)
CLA 330: Women in Ancient Greece and Rome (3)
CRM 315: Victimology (3)
ENG 373: Women's Literary Traditions (3)
HEA 205: Reproduction and Sexuality (3)
HST 330: Womanhood in America (3)
HST 383: Women and Gender in the Modern Middle East (3)
NSG 330: Maternal-Infant Nursing (3)
NSG 345: Health Maintenance Needs of Young Children (3)
NSG 486: Family Nursing (3)
PLS 316: Women in Politics (3)
PSY 265: Human Sexual Behavior (3)
PSY 366: Psychology of Close Relationships (3)
SOC 304 Popular Culture (3)
SOC 345: Sociology of the Family (3)
SOC 349: Sociology of Children and Childhood (3)
SOC 418: Women and Aging (3)
SWK 311: Child Abuse and Neglect (3)
SWK 417: Constructing Masculinities (3)
WGS 491: Directed Independent Study (1-3)
WGS 495: Topical Seminar in Women's Studies (3)
WGS 498: Internship (3)

Other appropriate courses may satisfy the elective requirements. Special topics courses are also available from our WGS faculty on a regular basis.

Upcoming WGS Courses

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