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Sensitive Information, FERPA, Copyright and Digital Media

Sensitive Information

To help protect the university, sensitive information must not appear on public web pages.

Information that is "sensitive" might aid someone trying to do harm to an individual or the university as a whole. Examples include:

  • network and server diagrams
  • names and e-mail addresses of systems administrators
  • the physical location of equipment and infrastructure
  • administrative software and usernames used to access that software
  • social security numbers
  • credit card numbers
  • Student / Factuly / Staff ID Number 
  • other similar documentation

Again, any piece of information that could aid a hacker, terrorist or other infiltrator should be considered sensitive.


Please also familiarize yourself with the the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA"), which is designed to protect the privacy of student's educational records. FERPA applies to all records directly related to a student and maintained by UNCW, except certain medical, employment and law enforcement records.

It is important we're all familiar with this act as it pertains to materials we might post on the Web. For example, one cannot post grades by a student's name, by social security number or by the last 4 digits of the SSN (unless in a designated secure environment). In addition, electronic posting of student's course work or papers requires consent unless:

  1. the records do not contain professor's comments or grades
  2. the students post the papers
  3. students are notified prior to or at the time of enrollment that posting of their work is a course requirement
  4. and the posted work is available only to members of the class

Copyright and Digital Media Issues

Copyright information as well as details on the UNCW DMCA Compliance Policy can be found here.