D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy

D.C. Virgo Lions Celebrates Black History Month!

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Black History Month Read Alouds

Students from UNCW's Upperman African American Cultural Center tell the Sankofa Story

Mr. Palmer Reads "Crown"

Mr. Palmer Reads "The Story of Rap"

Mrs. Hebert Reads "Acoustic Rooster and his Barnyard Band"

Dr. Zinner Reads "Let's Talk About Race"

Ms. Love Reads "Game Changers"

Ms. Mendez Reads "The Day You Begin"

Ms. Stanley Reads "The Chicken Chasing Queen of Lamar County"

Ms. Adams Reads "Rise!"

Ms. Stanley and Ms. Trammel Read "One Love"

Ms. Stanley and Mr. Lloyd Read "Look Up!"

Ms. Hixon Reads "Henry's Freedom Box"

Ms. Forrester and Ms. Payton Read "All Because You Matter"

Ms. Deheck Reads "The Day You Begin"

Ms. Clark Reads about Rosa Parks

Ms. Gliniak Reads "The Night is Yours"

Dr. Okello Reads "Sulwe"

Ms. Fitzpatrick Reads "The Hat that Wore Clara B."

Ms. Thomas & Team Read "Of Thee I Sing"

Ms. Reid-Griffin Reads "Computer Decoder"

Ms. Ryan Reads "M is for Melanin"

Ms. Jones Halls Reads "The Day You Begin"

Ms. Dicks Maxwell Reads "Enough!"

Ms. Nyberg Reads "I, Too"

Ms. Dunn Reads "The Other Side"