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Writing Services Policies & Procedures

Working your shift

  • All consultants scheduled to cover the Writing Lab must work your full shift.
  • Consultants who are not scheduled in the Writing Lab do not work unless you have appointments scheduled.
    • All consultants receive an e-mail each evening after 9:30pm summarizing your appointments for the next day. You can also check TutorTrac any time after 9:30pm to see if you have any appointments scheduled for the next day.
    • If you have no appointments, you do not work.
    • If you have some appointments, but your entire shift is not covered, you must work when you have appointments, but you do not work when you don't have appointments. You should clock out when you are not working with students.
    • OWL submissions will be scheduled one day in advance (unless other arrangements have been made with you), so they will not impact your schedule after you have confirmed your shift the night before.
      • This policy may change! During busy times of the semester, when we receive many OWLs and the Writing Lab is very busy, you may be asked to work all of your shifts whether you have appointments scheduled or not. Your flexibility during these busy times is appreciated.

Schedule coverage

  • Be here when you are scheduled to be here! When creating the permanent schedule, preferences are taken into consideration, but coverage is the priority. For this reason, your flexibility about your schedule is appreciated.
  • All consultants are responsible for working their assigned hours.
  • In the case of an illness or other emergency, call the front desk immediately (910-962-7857) and email Will.
    • If you are working in the Writing Lab, immediately post a request for coverage on the listserv.
    • If your shift is more than 3 hours away, immediately post a request for coverage on the listserv.
    • If your shift begins in 3 hours or less, request that it is cancelled and that your students are called.
  • Even if you are just going to be a few minutes late, please call the front desk (910-962-7857)!
  • Shift coverage is especially important for the Writing Lab since students drop in for help and cannot be notified ahead of time if no consultant is available.
  • Requests for time off should be posted to the listserv at least a week in an advance or AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
    • Always email Will when you need time off. The sooner he knows the better!
    • It is your responsibility to try to find coverage for your shifts!

When You Are Working

  • When you arrive for your shift, clock in at the lobby laptop. Always arrive a few minutes before your shift starts so you can check your mailbox and confirm your room assignment. Your tutoring room assignment will be posted on the digital display in the lobby.
    • Always use the room you are assigned!
  • If you're scheduled in the Writing Lab, go to the Lab and relieve the tutor ahead of you.
  • If you're doing Writing Center appointments, after you're settled into your tutor room, go to the lobby to meet your first tutee (do not rely on TutorTrac to indicate they have signed in!). After each appointment, walk your tutee to the front and ensure they know how to log out. After entering your notes, go back up front to greet your next appointment.

Writing Center Appointment Time

  • Keep track of the time of your session using the time on the computer.
  • All Writing appointments are scheduled for one hour. Typically, you will work with a student for about 50 minutes, and have a few minutes to write up your notes and take a quick break between appointments.
  • Sometimes an hour flies by and doesn't seem like nearly enough time with a student - even a student who just wants help brainstorming and has no paper! Other times, the hour seems to drag. Here are some suggestions for how to best utilize the time you have with a student: Ideas for Appointments.

Writing Center Appointment Guidelines

  • All appointments must be made by students one day in advance. If no appointment has been made, you likely will not have to work your shift (see 'Working Your Shift' above).
  • You will receive an e-mail notification when a student schedules an appointment and each evening after 9:30 pm you'll receive a summary email of appointments scheduled for the next day.
  • No-shows. Consultants are expected to give students 15 minutes to show up. If the student no-shows, log out till your next appointment (when you log in again) or, if it is your last appointment for the day, leave early. 

Request for Recurring Appointments

  • We want to encourage students to make use of Writing Services as a regular part of their writing process. When you are working with a student who will have other writing assignments during the semester, it is a good idea for them to set up recurring appointments with you (or another consultant). This ensures that the student has their times reserved and that they are working with a consultant they have a good rapport with.
  • In each of the tutoring rooms are "Request for Tutoring" forms. When a student indicates that they would be interested in recurring appointments, use this form to set it up. Students can schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or sporadic (when they have papers due) recurring appointments.
  • After filling out the form, give it to Savannah or the student front desk worker. These recurring appointments must be scheduled by Savannah, so make sure she gets the form! 

No Copying or Printing!

  • Do not make copies of teacher assignments - we are on a tight printing budget at ULC!
  • Do not print student papers! If the student forgets to bring a printed copy of his/her paper, you can work with the paper electronically on the laptop or they can go to the DePaolo Hall lobby and print the paper using iPrint.

All other ULC Policies apply to Writing Tutors!

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