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Academic Achievement Links

The following handouts will provide you with suggestions and strategies for developing a variety of academic skills.

NOTE: While the following links are provided here in the belief that the information they lead to will be of use to you as a UNCW student, many of them connect to external web sites not sponsored or maintained by the University Learning Center or UNCW. No guarantee, express or implied, is made concerning the reliability of or access to information at such sites, nor regarding privacy of your information as you visit these sites.

General Study Skills

Exploring How Students Learn (Bill Cerbin, director of the Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse)

Flashcard Machine (a site to create online flashcards)

How to Get the Most Out of Studying (Samford University video series)

How to Study (a comprehensive study skills resource site)

Khan Academy (educational videos for MAT, Sciences, ECN, HST)

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT - resources for different courses from agriculture to world languages)

Study Blue (study strategies & online flashcards)

Where and How to Study (Dartmouth College)

Specific Study Skills

Classroom Strategies

Class Participation: Making Contributions that Count (Princeton University / Millersville University)

Classroom Listening & Note Taking (St. John's University)

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking (The Foundation for Critical Thinking) - an in-depth examination of critical thinking skills

What Is Critical Thinking? (You Tube- Paul Stearns, professor of Philosophy, Blinn College)

Exam Preparation

Essay test tips (St. John's University)

Learning Express Library (An online collection of practice tests and study aides) [linked from Randall Library]

Test Taking Skills (St. John's University)


Motivation (Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching)

Problem Solving (Connections Academy/Ted Talks - 2nd video)


Lecture Notes (St. John's University)

Taking Lecture and Class Notes (Dartmouth College)

 Reading Strategies

 Reading Textbooks Effectively and Efficiently - includes SQ3R method (Dartmouth College)


Ebooks -Project Gutenberg (reference information)

Get Started Research Guide (UNCW Randall Library)

How to Navigate Randall Library Resources for Research (UNCW Randall Library)

Subject and Course Guides (UNCW Randall Library)

 Standardized Tests

General Testing info:

Learn Express Library (An online collection of practice tests and study aides) [also linked from Randall Library]

Standardized Test Practice ( - GRE, PRAXIS, GMAT, LSAT, etc)


Educational Testing Service (company that produces the GRE test)

UNCW Professional Education page (info about GRE prep courses--fee required)


Educational Testing Service (company that produces the PRAXIS test)

UNCW Watson School of Education PRAXIS Info

 Test Anxiety

Reducing Test Anxiety [PDF] (Educational Testing Services)

 Time Management

UNCW Semester Calendar

The Assignment Calculator (UNCW Randall Library)

Managing Your Time (Dartmouth College)

Time Management Strategies (Virginia Tech)

 Specialized Content Areas

Chemistry Terms & Concepts (Purdue University)

Chemistry Quiz & Tutorial (Dr. Fred Senese, Frostburg State University)

Foreign Language Learning (

Foreign Language Online Dictionaries (

French Grammar (University of Texas)

French Grammar & Spelling Checker (Dr. Terry Nadasdi & Dr. Stefan Sinclair -

Philosophy -Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Spanish Proficiency Exercises (University of Texas at Austin)

Senor Jordan's Spanish Videos (teacher created website)

News in Slow Spanish {and French, Italian} (listening, reading practice)

Spanish Grammar (Bowdoin College)