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What Math Tutors Do

  • The primary concern of tutors in the Math Lab is helping students develop their math skills. We want students who come to the Math Lab to develop their conceptual understanding of problems as well as learn key problem-solving procedures. We do this by:

  • engaging students in conversation. Talking with students about their work is one of the most important things we do. We want students to take a positive attitude toward developing their math skills and that attitude develops in an environment free from intimidation and condescension.

  • allowing the student to do the work. We will not do homework for students or solve problems for them. We will gladly model problem-solving steps and help students understand problems conceptually, but students must do the work themselves.

  • helping students improve their math skills. Improvement is our goal. You should help the student gain a better understanding of how to approach certain assignments. However, the student seeking help must maintain ultimate responsibility for the work s/he turns in.

  • remembering that the student, not the assignment, is our primary concern. Our goal is to help students strengthen their math skills so they will, in general, improve their performance and take new math skills into upper division courses. We utilize the current assignment as our way of getting to work with the student and helping them build their math skills, while the student learns how to accomplish the task before them.

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