University Learning Center

Payroll Procedures

"Logging-In" for Work

Each time you tutor, you will "Log-In" for work on TutorTrac (TT), the software program used by the University Learning Center. This procedure is fully explained in the TT section of this handbook. A summary of the procedure is also available in each tutoring room. Your log-in will be the only record of the hours you have worked, so be sure you understand the process. If you have any problems with your log-in, see the Office Manager as soon as possible to have it corrected in TT. If you have any questions at any time, please see a staff member for help.

Payroll Time Entry

The ULC uses the online Time Sheet entry form through SEANET.

You can enter the time you work at the ULC at any time throughout the month. However, in order to be paid, you must enter ALL time worked during the month by 9:30pm on the last day of the month. Anything not entered by this day and time will not be paid during the next pay period.

Instructions for accessing and filling out the online time sheet.

Pay Days

Student employee paychecks are directly deposited into your personal bank account once a month on the 15th of each month (see Direct Deposit section below for more details). If the 15th falls on a holiday or during the weekend, paychecks will be deposited into your account on the Friday before the 15th of the month. Pay days may be different during Summer Sessions. Check with the Office Manager about pay day if you are working during the summer.

Direct Deposit

Effective January 1, 2008, the State of NC mandated that all employees (including students) have their payroll checks direct deposited into their personal bank account. To activate this process, you must submit a Direct Deposit Authorization Form along with a voided check or a savings deposit slip attached to the form.

When you are newly hired, your very first paycheck will not be direct deposited. Your first month's pay will be a paper check which you can pick up at the Cashier's Office, located in the Warwick Center, room 144. Cashiers Office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm. Bring your student ID. All subsequent checks will be directly deposited into your bank account.

Each month you will receive a Direct Deposit Notification in your UNCW email account. PLEASE NOTE: Direct Deposit notifications CANNOT BE RESENT. Therefore, it is important that you keep your email boxes cleaned out. You can view paycheck information and print W2's by accessing SeaNet.

W4 and NC-4 Form Online

  • Log into SeaNet entering User ID and PIN (should be your birthdate either 6 digits (MMDDYY), or 8 digits (MMDDYYYY) If you need your PIN reset or experience any other problems contact TAC at or 962-HELP)
  • Select Employee Services
  • Select Tax Forms
  • Select W-4 Tax Exemptions/Allowances or NC-4 Tax Exemptions/Allowances
  • Review current deduction status, filing status, # of allowances and additional withholding amount
  • Select Update (bottom center of the screen)
  • Read instructions carefully
  • Make changes as needed
  • Select Certify/Submit Changes (No confirmation will appear. Changes will only appear on and after the effective date entered for the change.)
  • Enter PIN to authorize the changes (PIN is your SeaNet PIN)
  • Click Submit
If you have questions, contact the Payroll Office at 962-3163 or

Getting Your W-2 forms

The Payroll Department provides all tax documentation needed for an employee to file the necessary tax returns to the US Federal Government and State Department of Revenue Offices.

A W-2 Wage and Tax Statement lists gross wages and taxes withheld for each calendar year. For graduate students these forms are distributed to the employees' departments by the required due date of January 31. For former employees W-2's are mailed to the primary address on file. W-2's for undergrads are mailed to either their primary address or UNCW Campus Box.

You can also elect to access your W-2 on SeaNet. You must give your consent by following the on-line instructions on the Payroll website to be able to access your form on-line. If you do not receive your W-2 by February 15th and cannot access SeaPort or SeaNet, you can request a duplicate by emailing the Payroll Department. The duplicate will be mailed within two weeks.

International Employees

All foreign nationals that are also non-resident aliens and are employed by UNCW must have a Social Security number and a visa status that allows them to work in the US. Upon hiring, they must also meet with the Payroll Manager personally to complete the necessary tax forms and paperwork that will allow them to continue to work on campus.

A 1042-S Foreign Person's US Source Income Subject to Withholding lists wages paid to a non-resident alien employee that has treaty benefits with the United States. The non-resident alien will use this form when paying taxes in his or her country of residence.