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Current Early College students at UNCW tell us that overall they experience a successful transition to UNCW. However, they also share that there are some challenges as a new student. Although any new experience presents change and new experiences, positive and negative, considering these possible challenges ahead of time can help in preparing for navigating them successfully. Below are the aspects that students report as "most challenging coming from an Early College Program:"

  • Paying for school and meeting financial obligations
  • Longer timeline to graduation than expected
  • Getting to know other students and social adjustment
  • Course registration process
  • Earned grades lower than expected in their first year
  • Understanding UNCW policies and graduation requirements
  • Choosing a major

Here are some tips to help you prepare for these possible challenges:

  • Avoid making assumptions based on past college experience. UNCW will likely be a new experience with new rules, policies, expectations, and systems.
  • Ask questions and ask for help! Faculty, staff, and students are happy to help lead you towards success.
  • Students will be responsible for registering for their own classes. It is important to be familiar with deadlines and the SeaNet system.
  • Be ready to work hard and spend several hours each week outside of class reading, preparing for class, reviewing notes, attending tutoring and study groups, and studying.
  • Check your UNCW email often to be familiar with deadlines and processes.
  • Be prepared for different academic rigor and starting in higher-level courses.
  • Start or continue major and career exploration early.
  • Get involved early and take advantage of all that UNCW offers. Many Early College students feel rushed to build their resume and get involved. Start early with at least one thing your first semester.
  • Learn about financial aid and payment schedules and contact these offices with questions.