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What is a major (mey-jer)? A specific area of study leading to a chosen career (i.e. Accounting, Psychology, or Biology).

What is a meta-major (meh-tah mey-jer)? Meta-Majors are a grouping of academic majors that have related courses and sometimes fits within similar career areas.

The Purpose of Meta-Majors: 

Research has shown that students change their major on average four to five times.  The UC meta major structure is designed to support students as they explore related major areas.  Students interested in social science areas (i.e. psychology) are often interested in similar majors like sociology.  UC Advisors are knowledgeable about all majors and specialize in their meta major. 

Below is the list of each meta-major area and their related majors as well as the UC Academic Advisors who support those areas.  To find YOUR specific UC Advisor please log on to mySeaport, select Starfish on the left navigation, under "Your Connections" you will see your UC Advisor listed.  

Business Compass 200

Cameron School of Business Majors:Accountancy, Business Analytics, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, International Business, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, TABSA Transatlantic Business School Alliance International Dual Degree Program

UC Academic Advisors

wise.jpg Najee Wise

Humanities Compass 200

College of Arts and Sciences - Arts/Humanities and Undecided Majors: Art History, Studio Art, Creative Writing, English, French, Film Studies, German, History, International Studies, Music, Philosophy and Religion, Spanish and Theater

UC Academic Advisors

20190204-GARRISON0006-7-2.jpg Allison Garrison

          Chris Moreland

Maria Ramirez Maria Ramirez

Picture of Doctor Christine Pesetski Christine Pesetski

Social Sciences 200

College of Arts and Sciences - Social Science Majors: Anthropology, Criminology, Communication Studies, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology

UC Academic Advisors

Jamie Pond Jamie Pond

Scott Leroy Scott Leroy

Scott Judson Scott Judson

STEM Compass 200

College of Arts and Sciences - S.T.E.M. (Science Technology, Engineering & Math) Majors: Biology, Coastal Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Geography, Geology & Geosciences, Information Technology, Math, Marine Biology, Oceanography, Physics, and Statistics

UC Academic Advisors

Amy Hathcock Amy Hathcock

Dianna Washington Dianna Washington

Axe.jpg Kelsey Axe

Nile McKibben Nile McKibben

Patti Schulz Patti Schulz

CHHS Compass 200

College of Health and Human Services Majors: Clinical Research, Exercise Science, Nursing, Public Health Studies, Recreation Sports Leadership and Tourism Management, Recreation Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Social Work

UC Academic Advisors

LeeAnn Larson LeeAnn Larson

Compass-UC Robbie Jones

20190204-FRANKLIN0008-6-2.jpg Stephanie Franklin

Thomas Bartolotta Thomas Bartolotta

Education Compass

Watson College of Education Majors: Education of Young Children, Elementary Education, Middle Grades Education, Teacher Licensure in Secondary Education and K-12 Fields, Special Education

UC Academic Advisors

Michelle Vliem Michelle Vliem