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Other Transportation Expenses for Students

Bus, Train and Subway

The University only reimburses for Bus, Train and Subway expenses. These are not allowable prepaid expenses. In order to get reimbursed for any of these expenses a receipt must be submitted showing paid. When claiming the above expenses, go into E-Travel and click on transportation and the type of expense you are recording. Any expenses besides to/from the airport by bus, train or subway requires a written explanation of the business purpose to be attached to the reimbursement request.

Parking and Tolls

Parking and Toll expenses are only reimbursable expenses. These expenses are reimbursable when incurred while traveling on official state business only. A receipt is required for parking and tolls. To enter the parking and toll expenses in E-Travel click on transportation and select parking or tolls. Please make sure you enter the receipt date into E-Travel. If the receipt date is not entered in, the expense will not be calculated as part of your reimbursement.

To and From the Airport

When a student is traveling to and from the airport there are three options to choose from.

  • Actual cost of a taxi or airport shuttle
  • A private car can be used which will be reimbursed at the standard business mileage rate set by the IRS for a maximum of two round trips with no parking charges.
  • A private car can be used which will be reimbursed at the standard business mileage rate set by the IRS for a maximum of one round trip plus parking charges.

A receipt is required for reimbursement for the taxi/shuttle and parking at the airport. These expenses should be entered into E-Travel for reimbursement, after the trip is over, under Transportation and the type of expense that is being claimed. Please note that parking and taxi expenses must have the date entered into E-Travel or the expense will not show up on your reimbursement.


Fuel expenses are a reimbursable expenses only. The only way the university reimburses for gas is when the traveler is driving a rental car. The gas receipt is required and must show the price per gallon and the number of gallons purchased. This expenses should be entered in E-Travel under transportation, fuel expense.

For Additional Information about other transportation

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Step-By-Step Guide to E-Travel

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