Tech Talk: ITS Newsletter

August, 2020

NCDIT Broadband Internet Survey Request

NCDIT Broadband Infrastructure Office

The State of North Carolina, in cooperation with UNCW, is requesting information about student and staff home Internet access. The information gathered through the survey will inform policy recommendations and support strategic targeting of additional investment in broadband infrastructure.

For those with home Internet access, this online survey that takes about five minutes and includes a connection performance analysis can be taken HERE. This link is specifically for UNCW, so please do not share it outside of our community. For those without home Internet access, a two-minute phone survey can be taken by texting "uncw" to 919-750-0553. The user will be guided by a chatbot to answer three questions and provide their street address. Standard text rates apply.

Please only text the phone number if you do not have any Internet access at your home. This number is specifically for UNCW staff and students with no home Internet capability. This survey has the potential to make a big impact, so please participate. No matter which method you use, you will be asked for your address, which will help us identify areas that need improved Internet access. Your general location may be mapped to identify lack of Internet access, but your exact address will not be displayed on publicly available maps.

The survey is a collaboration between the North Carolina Department of Information Technology’s Broadband Infrastructure Office and the Friday Institute at NC State University. For more information about the State's efforts to improve connectivity, visit

If you have any questions, please CHAT with TAC or visit the Technology Assistance Center homepage for additional resources.