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Volume 1, Issue 3 December 2018, End of Semester Edition

Greetings from the CIO

Sharyne MillerI recently returned from the Educause 2018 Annual Conference. This informative experience confirmed that we are on the right path with our ITS strategic priorities and efforts. Below are a few of the topics highlighted at the conference and how we, at ITS, are dedicated to addressing them.

Information Technology is a strategic asset and an integral strategic partner necessary for achieving institutional missions.
Here at UNCW, the CIO’s IT Advisory Council is a crucial element in moving this priority forward.

Information Security Strategy topped the "What’s Important and Where to Focus in 2019" list for the fourth year in a row.
ITS also recognizes the importance of an Information Security Strategy, which is why we will continue our efforts toward a focused, institution-wide security strategy of "developing a risk-based security strategy that effectively detects, responds to, and prevents security threats and challenges" to protect sensitive data. And, in an effort to better serve this growing need, we have supplemented our Information Security Team with two internal part-time opportunities.

Student centered initiatives support student success and optimization of the student experience.
Starfish, a new and soon-to-be implemented student retention and success tool, is on the horizon at UNCW, as well as mobile apps and improvements to the Banner interface.

Digital Integrations continue to grow with the increase of systems on campus and in the cloud, and we must ensure data integrity, security, standards and governance.
The development of our Data Governance Committee and our ITS Policy advancements help to support this need.

Sustainable funding is needed to both grow and support the increased use of innovative IT applications and services during times of budget constraints.

As the above Educause themes have confirmed, we are on the right path with our ITS strategic priorities and efforts. To see how we incorporate these concepts into our day-to-day services for the UNCW community, I encourage you to visit our Faculty and Staff Brochure as well as our Student Brochure. And remember, as our mission states, "ITS is committed to providing a technologically progressive environment for students, faculty and staff" here at UNCW. 

We, at ITS, wish you a very happy holiday season,
Sharyne Miller

ITS News & Updates

Cybersecurity Efforts and Updates from the CIO

December, 2018

Email continues to be the number one vector for cyber attacks and we have implemented new tools to reduce the number of malicious emails you receive in your inbox each day. Not to mention, we are creating an Information Security Awareness training that will be available this coming spring. (more)

Tech Nest News and Updates

December, 2018

Tech Nest utilization continues to grow with the support of Student Affairs. We are open from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday – Friday and by reservation on weekends. Click "more" to see a list of how the space is being utilized lately. (more)

Banner 8 will be Decommissioned on Nov 30 at 5:30 p.m.

November, 2018

Over the past year, ITS has collaborated with departments campus-wide to upgrade our Banner 8 environment to version 9. In order to prepare for the new Banner 9 interface, ITS is offering instructor-led and online navigation training to UNCW staff & faculty who are interested. (more)

Horizon: A New Virtual Desktop to Replace Tealware

November, 2018

ITS is introducing a new virtual desktop and application solution called Horizon to replace Tealware. Horizon includes updated versions of the most commonly used applications in both stand-alone and desktop form. (more)

Skillport News: Deep Links & Mobile App Now Available

October, 2018

Skillport, UNCW’s online training portal, has been enhanced so that faculty, staff and students can now use their email credentials to access two new features, deep links and the Skillsoft learning app. (more)

ITS Scheduled Maintenance Weekend is October 19 – 22

September, 2018

As part of our preapproved scheduled maintenance weekends, from October 19 (5 p.m.) – October 22 (8 a.m.), ITS will be performing maintenance work on various campus systems. (more)

ITS Scheduled Maintenance Weekend is September 7 – 10

September, 2018

As part of our preapproved scheduled maintenance weekends, from  September 7 (5 p.m.) – September 10 (8 a.m.), ITS will be performing maintenance work on various campus systems. (more)

Zoom Replaces WebEx

September, 2018

UNCW has adopted a new collaborative meeting tool for web conferencing, online meetings and synchronous Distance Education classes called Zoom. Zoom replaces UNCW’s instance of WebEx. (more)

Quarterly Apple Discount (formerly called Apple Bulk Order) – ends Sept. 1, 2018

August, 2018

Requests for the quarterly Apple Discount can be submitted from August 9 – September 1.  The last day Apple will accept a PO will be September 6. If you are interested in purchasing Apple products for your department and would like a discounted quote, follow the instructions in this article. (more)

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