Student Media

Mission & Charter of the UNCW Student Media Board

Our Mission

UNCW STUDENT MEDIA, a program within the department of Campus Life, exists

  • to provide UNCW students with hands-on experience in the art, technology and business of publishing in a variety of traditional and electronic media;
  • to provide students public outlets for their original expressive and informational content;
  • to prepare students for careers in media industries, the arts, business, and academia;
  • to provide the UNCW community with information, entertainment, and opportunities for civic engagement;
  • to provide a documentary record of UNCW and its community;
  • to help students attain their publications' goals and produce content of the highest possible caliber and service to their audiences.

We do this by providing up-to-date, ethics-based training and advising, resources, and models of effective leadership informed by the best industry practices and standards and clear learning outcomes that value students' holistic development and wellbeing.

UNCW Student Media comprises autonomous student organizations, advised and governed by a Student Media Board of students, faculty and staff. The Student Media Board works to protect students' right to free expression as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution while advancing the precepts of individual accountability and mutual interdependence. UNCW Student Media will pursue these ends with integrity, fairness, openness, and dedication to tolerance, learning, and creativity

Download a complete copy of the UNCW Student Media Board Charter here (PDF, 96Kb).