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UNCW Dare to Learn Academy Catalog

The Dare to Learn Academy offers a plethora of training programs in a wide variety of formats including facilitator led, webinars and videos, teleseminars, and e-zines (emails with articles, video links or other resources on targeted topics). Descriptions and registration links are provided here.

In addition to training, HR Learning and Talent Development also provides customized retreats and coaching and consulting services in more than 40 areas. If you would like to inquire about a coaching or consulting session; brainstorm retreat ideas or staff-meeting starters, contact Molly Nece (2-3339) or Olivia Cunningham (2-2496).

2015-2016 Hawk Topic Articles

"College is not a commodity. Stop treating it like one." (Chronicle of Higher Education, 9 June 2015)

"Why College Is Not a Commodity" (Chronicle of Higher Education, 11 Sept. 2015)

"College is Not a Commodity, Stop Treating It Like One" (Economics and Ethics, 14 June 2015)

2014-2015 Hawk Topic Articles

"How to Make Students' Campus Jobs More Meaningful" (Chronicle of Higher Education, 15 Sep. 2014)

"Why Creating Organizational Change Is So Hard" (Gallup.com)

2012-2013 Workshops

Generation on a Tightrope: A Portrait of Today's College Student

MOOCs: A Campus Conversation

Student Development Theory 101

Supervision: Let's Talk About What Drives Us Crazy

2010-2011 Workshops

The Art of Writing Conference Proposals (Dean Walker/Nathan Lindsay)

Show me the Money! Grant Writing Tips & Strategies (Rebecca Caldwell)

The Art of Hiring and Supervising (Larry Wray)

Values & Flourishing in HD (Dr. Crace)

Proposal for the Consolidation of ACPA/NASPA

Student Veteran Workshop

Inexpensive Professional Development Ideas

College Women's Perceived Barriers to Reporting Sexual Assault

"Let Me Be Direct": Using Direct Assessments with Student Leaders

Sustainability at UNCW (Diane Reed & Stan Harts)

Speaker Patricia King:


  • Fundraising in Student Affairs (Powerpoint)
  • Fundraising 101 by Carolyn E. Farley (former executive director of Campus Life, UNCW), ACUI Bulletin, Jan. 2005 (PDF).
  • 6 Steps by Bob Yecke & Sonia Gill, ACUI Bulletin, Jan. 2009 (PDF).
  • Senior Class Gifts by Carolyn E. Farley, ACUI Bulletin, Jan. 2009 (PDF).
  • Naming Rights Interview with William Brown, union director at Davidson College, ACUI Bulletin, Jan. 2009 (PDF).