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1. Open your browser to UNCW's website:
Open whichever web browser you prefer and navigate to the UNCW web page.
( is the web address)


2. Find SeaNet in the Quick links
Find the SeaNet login on the Quicklinks dropdown menu

seanet pulldown

3. Login by clicking on the Secure Login for Faculty, Staff and Students:
(Click the text to go to the SeaNet login)

seanaet login

4. Login using your 850# and your PIN
Once you have clicked on the Secure Login for Faculty, Staff and Student type in your employee ID (It is on your badge if you can't remember it) and your PIN and click the login button.

apply for scholarships

6. Click on the Student Services Tab and then the Financial Aid link
After you have clicked on the Student Services tab you can click on the Financial Aid hyperlink to Apply for Scholarships.
student tab on seanet
financial aid page

7. On the Financial Aid page you then click on the Apply for Scholarships link
Once you have clicked on the hyperlink then you come to the Apply for Scholarship page. Here you want to click on the button Apply for Scholoarship.

apply for scholarship page

8. Scholarship Landing Page:
Once you find the Apply for Scholarships link Click on it with your mouse. You will now be at the UNCW Financial Aid Scholarships website.

uncw scholarship application site

9. Get to know your Scholarship Site:
While you are here let's look around so you will get familiar with your Student Scholarship Application page.

a. Side Site Navigation Menu:
(You can go to their home page from anywhere on their sites by clicking on the Application Home link, You can also search for scholarships, contact their office, check your account, and finally log out of the system.

side site navigation image

b. Top Navigation Menu:
(This is where you can find information about the scholarships you have been awarded, search for scholarships to apply for, and lastly to connect to your UNCW financial aid through Facebook and Twitter.)

top menu navigation

c. Applications Information window:
In the Applications window you can see what applications you have already applied for and some scholarships that are available to apply for.

applications window

d. Application review window:
If you would like to review an application that you have submitted you can click on the blue Review Your Answers button to find out how you answered your application.

application answers

There is a final note. Keep in mind of the following item on your UNCW Scholarship page:

Session Timer:
You will have only a certain amount of time to complete your application. Just keep this in mind when you are applying for a scholarship. The time is in the upper right hand corner of your scholarships web page.

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