Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance


InfoReady Review allows prospective applicants (faculty, students and staff) to easily peruse various funding and award opportunities, which are organized into three primary categories: Faculty Award & Funding Opportunities, Student Opportunities and Limited Submission Opportunities. Visit the InfoReady Review portal for more information about this resource that makes funding, including research opportunities easier to discover and applications easier to process.

What is InfoReady?

InfoReady automates application review and approval process for:

  • Internal funding opportunities
  • Seed & pilot grants
  • Travel grants and approvals
  • External limited submission opportunities
  • Poster competitions
  • Pedagogy Initiatives
  • Undergraduate research & creative awards

Who is using InfoReady?

InfoReady Supports

UNCW Strategic Plan Priority 2: Enhance learning experiences and educational programs; and advance research and scholarly activities.

UNCW Strategic Plan Priority 3: Enable and nurture a sense of a student-centered community by enhancing academic advising and student support programs for career placement and graduate school.