School of Nursing Newsletter

Notable Achievements:  Faculty

Faculty Publications and citations: 

April Bice:  Bice, A. A., & Wyatt, T.H. (2016). Holistic comfort interventions for pediatric nursing procedures: A systematic review. Journal of Holistic Nursing, X(XX), DOI:  10.1177/0898010116660397 

Diane Pastor, Robin Cunningham, Barbara Lutz, Stephanie Smith and Patty White:  Pastor, D.K., Ashton, C., Cunningham, R., Kolomer, S., Lutz, B., Smith, S., White, P. & Saypol, B. (2016). Using interactive theater to improve provider-family communication and promote inter-professional education and practice in palliative care. Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice, 4, 15-20. DOI: 10.1016/j.xjep.2016.06.002

Barbara Lutz

  • Lutz, B.J. & Green, T. (2016). Nursing’s role in addressing palliative care needs of stroke patients. Stroke, 47, 1-4. [published online November 8, 2016]. DOI: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.116.013282

  • Lutz, B. J., Young, M.E., Creasy, K.R., Martz, C., Eisenbrandt, L., Brunny, J.N. & Cook, C. (2016). Improving Stroke Caregiver Readiness for Transition from Inpatient Rehabilitation to Home. The Gerontologist. [published online November 5, 2016]. DOI: 10.1093/geront/gnw135

  • Camicia, M. & Lutz, B.J. (2016). Nursing’s role in successful transitions across settings. Stroke. 47, 1-5 [published online September 22, 2016]. DOI: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.116.012095

 Penny Sauer:  Sauer, P. A. & McCoy, T. P. (2016).  Nursing bullying:  Impact on nurses’ health.  Western Journal of Nursing Research, 1-14.  DOI:  10.117701939459166812787

Faculty Presentations:

Patty White presented at the Annual South Eastern School Nurse Symposium.  Her topic:  “Physical and Emotional Needs of Children with Service Animals.”  (June 5)

Diane Pastor with V. Traynor, V. a podium presentation sponsored by Caring Kind at the New York City Educational Forum on “Dementia and Driving Retirement: What You Can Do”.  (July, 2016)

Diane Pastor a poster presentation at the ETEAL Applied Learning Seminar on “Facilitating Innovative Student-Directed Learning in Simulation Using Inter-Professional Collaborative Care Teams to Deliver Difficult News. (July, 2016)

Barbara Lutz on “Improving Stroke Care Transitions: Lessons from Family Caregivers” at the  COBRE and WISSDOM Center Lecture Series, Medical College of South Carolina in Charleston, SC.  (November, 2016).

Barbara Lutz on “Improving Post-Acute Comprehensive Stroke Care: An Opportunity to Improve Recovery, Independence, and Health” at the Southern Arizona Stroke Conference in Tucson, AZ. (November 2016)

Diane Pastor, Beth Gazza, and Brandy Mechling, with Justine Reel (CHHS), an oral presentation on “Successful Publishing Strategies” at the UNCW SON.  (November 2016).

Beth Gazza and Beth Oyarzun were the Invited presenters at the 2016 Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Accelerate International Conference in Orlando, FL.  (November 2016) 

Barbara Lutz on “Alleviating the Crisis of Discharge Post-Stroke” at the YoungStroke 2016 Conference in Jacksonville, FL.  (December 2016)

Grant Awards:

Robin Cunningham, Patty White, Diane Pastor and Stacey Kolomer (School of Social Work) a UNCW ETeal Sustainability Grant for “Using Simulation to Teach Graduate Social Work and Family Nurse Practitioner Students to Deliver Difficult Health News in Interprofessional Teams”. 

Beth Gazza, Beth Oyarzun and Lisa Theriault (E-Learn) for an Academic Partnerships Faculty Research Grant for adopting a video platform for an applied learning experience in an online accelerated RN-BSN program.

Beth Gazza, Brandi Crowe (Health and Human Sciences) & R. Uranga for a CHHS Activity Grant for their work “Blossoming through Reflection: Using Country Music to Promote Wellness.” 

Carol Heinrich and April Matthias received a grant from the NC Area Health Education Centers Program Off-Campus Nursing Degree Educational Mobility Program for their study “On-Site Coaching: Building a Sense of Community in Fully Online Nursing Program”.

Anne-Marie Goff and Patty White received funding for an application for the Applied Learning Research Cooperative (ALRC) sponsored by UNCW Center for Teaching Excellence

Notable Service: 

Beth Gazza has been selected as a Reviewer for the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Excellence in Advancing Nursing Practice Award (a national award).

SLC Coordinator Robin Cunningham has been selected to participate in the National League for Nursing Leadership Development Program for Simulation Educators for 2017.

Linda Pugh has been appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of WellSpan Health Systems in Pennsylvania. 

Beth Gazza has been appointed to the editorial board of the Journal of Professional Nursing

Notable Achievements:  Students

RN-BS students Kourtney Beale and Kara Pevarski had letters to the editor published.  The letters were part of an assignment for their Professional Nursing. 

Kourtney Beale wrote a Letter to the Editor on mentoring in nursing in Summer I 2016.  The citation is as follows:  Beale, K.L. (2016).  Mentoring New Nurses [Letter to the editor]. American Journal of Nursing, 116(10).  13.  DOI:  10.1097/01NAJ.0000503278.70682.ab.

Kara Pevarski wrote a Letter to the Editor on improving the lifestyle habits and self-care of nurses.  Her letter was in response to an article with the citation:  Long, Long, T. (2016). What the mirror doesn't tell you.  American Nurse Today, 11(9). Retrieved from:

Student Receiving Commission PhotoCongratulations to Joseph Kolaszewski (Dec. ’16) on his recent commission as Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy.  Pictured in photo on left is Kolaszewski with Mike Murphy (May ’18), who is also a part of the program. 

Adrianna Reid is a junior and second in her class at the Reid-Ross Classical High School in Fayetteville, NC.  During her fall semester break she spent a week being mentored by Paula Reid at the SON.  The mentoring included an introduction to the Simulation Learning Center and attendance in nursing classes, and exercise and sports physiology classes.  Adrianna also had counseling and mentoring sessions with the Student Success Center, the Upperman African American Cultural Center, the University Honor’s College, and with SON Director Laurie BadzekAdrianna left the mentorship week saying she has a greater motivation and determination to be accepted into the SON.